Coloured Render

Coloured renders have over the last 15 years become the go to option over traditional sand and cement than painting. The products have been used for many years in other countries and now almost every new build or conversion will opt for a coloured render. Having imported the renders from Spain some 20 years ago, we have noticed the gradual increase in coloured renders in the UK.

There are two main types to consider for your project unless you want to use a lime render, again some on the market are coloured. The first and most popular is Monocouche or one coat render. This render is limited to colour choice and is mainly suitable to be applied on concrete blocks. Most new builds on new housing developments use this render.

Thin-coat Render with Grey Plinth

The other type and becoming more popular are thin-coat renders, they come with more colour choices and some companies will even match colours. They are more versatile than monocouche renders as they have a high resistance to cracking and can even come in self -cleaning options.

Thin-coat renders can be applied to most substrates, block, icf, insulation, render board fixed to a timber frame and so on, the flexible base coats with fibre glass mesh and mesh beads used in this system offer, in our opinion, a much better, longer lasting finish with high resistance to dirt and algae.

Here at The Coloured Render Co Ltd, we offer the best advice on what products suit your build, both for the type of construction and locality, some renders such as acrylic or one coat will look tired if applied in the wrong location, such as too close to trees or near the sea.

If you would like to discuss what render is best suited to your project, please contact us on 0845 3194 852 or email and we will be happy to discuss your rendering requirements with you.