External wall insulation or EWI, as it is known, is a way of insulating your home from the outside – saving much needed room inside. This method is most commonly used on single skin brick houses that do not have a cavity or a cavity that is too narrow to fill.

Why Choose External Wall Insulation

Most properties built before or around the 1920’s will be of solid wall construction with no cavity, other construction types like timber or solid concrete or stone houses may also require EWI

Having EWI installed can reduce the amount of heat being lost from the property and in turn reducing not just your energy costs but your carbon foot print.

Using external wall insulation has many benefits

It heats your home up quicker and retains the heat longer

Protects the fabric of the building

Waterproofs the walls and helps with damp and condensation issues

Adds value and kerb side appeal for potential buyers

Reduces bills and carbon foot print

Less disruptive than internal wall insulation

If choosing a wall insulation we can advise on type and thicknesses of the insulation along with how it will be finished, most are coated with a render but dash, cladding and brick finishes are common or a mixture.

There are many types of Insulation, expanded polystyrene , graphite expanded polystyrene, Kingspan K5 Phenolic, mineral wool, wood fibre boards, cork and other green insulation materials. Most voucher schemes will require a system that has been tested to meet BBA standards, so some greener products may not have that certification.

If you would like to discuss your project having EWI then please call us on 0845 319 4852 or email info@plasterer.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss the types and thickness required for your property or project.