The Coloured Render Company are delighted to agents to sell and applicate Thermopor insulated render.  


The Coloured Render company are proud to be installers and agents for Thermopor. Contact us on 0845 319 4852 for more information.

ThhermoPor is an innovative new high performance ready-to-mix thermal Insulating plastinsulated renderer/render product for both internal & external use. Manufactured from 98% naturally occurring inorganic and sustainable materials including expanded recycled glass, ThermoPor is non-toxic, harmless and safe. This multi-characteristic product is incredibly light-weight and easy to apply in single applications of up to a maximum 40mm (Can be thicker with multiple applications) to a wide variety of surfaces which will help to reduce overall material and labour costs. ThermoPor also boasts significant advantages over existing products on the market as a result of its multi-characteristic properties(Please see 'Properties' below for further details). With thermal insulation, vapour permeability, complete damp resistance, A1 certified fire resistance, sound absorption and the fact that it's manufactured from natural materials making up it's key properties, its not surprising that the demand for ThermoPor is growing enormously year on year.


Preparation and application

When preparing ThermoPor, the full contents of the 8kg bag is emptied info a flat-bottom container and mixed with 4.5 litres of water for 6 minutes and left to stand for a further 5 minutes. The prepared mixture should then be applied within 2 hours, and can be applied either by hand using a stainless steel trowel or by machine.

ThermoPor can be applied to a wide vairety of vertical surfaces including, brick, stone, concrete block & more. The application surface should be clean and dry prior to application and free from dust and lose materials. Any holes and deep recesses should be filled. ThermoPor will be dry and ready for painting after 40 hours. This may vary depending on weather conditions.

Storage requirements dictate that the product is kept within a dry environment above 5°C. ThermoPor should also not be applied in temperatures below 5°C.


U Values below 0.30 W/m2K
UK Building regulations state that new build properties require a U Value of 0.30 W/m2K and building extensions require a U Value of 0.35 W/m2K. This illustration to the left demonstrates a practical example of the U Values that can be achieved by using ThermoPor internally and externally. This is however just one of tinsulating renderhe many ways in which ThermoPor can be used to achieve the required building regs U Values (ThermoPor has a thermal conductivity of 0.054W/mK making it an ideal thermal insulation material for IWI 'Internal Wall Insulation' and EWI 'External Wall Insulation').

This also means that ThermoPor is ideally suited to dealing with the demands of the UK's carbon emissions reduction targets. For the average homeowner, this simply means lower energy costs! ThermoPor can assist in reducing your energy costs by as much as 45%, and that translates to roughly £370 p/year for an average 3 bedroom semi-detached house.




Technical specifications

Bag Weight:8 Kg.
Appearance and consistency:Dry white powder.
Thermal conductivity:0.054 W/mK.
Fire Resistance:Class A1 (500ºC with a melting point of 1100ºC).
Sound Absorption:23dB @ 20mm.render insulation
Density of dry material:334 kg/m³ ± 10%.
Bond strength:0.461 N/mm².
Compressive strength:CSII 1.84 N/mm².
Water absorbtion:W1 0.204 kg/m² min. 0.5.
Vapour diffusion:4.8 (after 120 days).
Time until painting:40 hours in normal conditions.
Spread rate:1 bag will cover 1 m² @ 20mm thickness.
Storage temperature:Above 5ºC. Do not apply in temperatures below 5ºC.
Shelf life:18 months, in the correct conditions



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